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How To Decide On The Right Caterer For Your Wedding

by Marvin Martin

Want to have your upcoming wedding catered? There is no reason to prepare the food on your own when you are going to have your hands full with all the different tasks that need to be completed before you officially tie the knot in front of your loved ones. Because you have so many other things to do, a reliable catering company can reduce your workload by handling the food preparation for you. You would simply need to decide on the catering company you would like to hire. The best way to decide on a good company is to consider when you are having the wedding reception and what you would like to have served.

What Time Is the Wedding?

The type of catering you choose will depend primarily on the time of the wedding. While most people have wedding ceremonies in the afternoon, some people prefer to get married in the morning. If you were having your wedding reception in the morning, you would probably want to serve a variety of breakfast foods or brunch items for your guests to enjoy, including eggs, bacon, pancakes, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. However, if you are having the wedding in the afternoon or evening, you may prefer choosing assorted entrees with a list of different side dishes, such as mashed potatoes, seasoned red potatoes, pasta, and glazed carrots.

What Kind of Fare Would You Like to Have?

Think about the kind of fare you would like to have served at your wedding reception. It is your special day to enjoy with your partner, so you can choose to have anything you want to eat there. You may want to keep it fun and simple with finger foods, such as chicken fingers, French fries, tater tots, and more, or you may want fancier options where guests are served a plate of food that they have pre-selected from the menu, such as grilled fish, pan-seared meats, and more. Discuss the food options with your partner and then pick a catering company that serves exactly what you are going to want to eat and have available for the guests.

Hire a wedding catering service to serve food to your guests during the reception. You can decide on the food options that you would like to have served based on the time of your wedding and your personal preference. Most catering companies offer a huge list of options for clients to choose from, allowing you to have all your favorite dishes served on your important day.