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Are You Stocking A New Freezer?

by Marvin Martin

Did your dream of owning a separate freezer finally come true? Maybe the freezer that is part of your refrigerator got to the point that it couldn't hold all the foods your family consumes. Or, it might be that you want to save money by buying foods in large quantities and then freezing them.

No matter the scenario, do you already have a plan on how you'll fill the freezer? If so, you're probably already organizing each area of the freezer. On the other hand, maybe you don't have a plan yet. If that's the case, from shopping from online butchers to buying other foods to freeze, here are some ideas that might help you.

Online Butcher Shop - Picture yourself at the meat department of your grocery store. Now picture yourself loading your cart with meats, carrying your purchase to your car, hurrying home, unloading the car, and then transporting the big loads into your house. You're exhausted just picturing that scenario, aren't you? Now picture yourself sitting in front of your computer and taking your time as you select any kind of meat that you want to add to your freezer storage.

Think of the meat your family uses on a regular basis. That might include things like ground beef, bacon, hot dogs and chicken. Now consider meats that you want to serve for special occasions. For example, do you like to do a roast and vegetables in your crock-pot for Sunday dinner? Maybe you enjoy grilling steaks when you entertain friends or for family cookouts. Whether it's hot dogs or whether it's a pot roast, the online butchers will have those meats available, and you'll get them at a very fair price. The bonus is that the meats will be delivered right to your house, already frozen and ready to be placed in your new freezer.

Other Freezer Foods - Again, think of what your family eats often. Do you like to reach for things like an individual lasagna dinner? Maybe you like to have popsicles and other ice cream treats handy for kids or grandkids. Buy those items in bulk, perhaps using coupons, and you'll probably be saving some important money. Every penny counts, right?

Another great thing to freeze are fruits and vegetables that are seasonal. For example, right now you are probably able to get at least four ears of corn for about a dollar, aren't you? Think of buying many of them and preparing them for the freezer for future use. The same thing goes for summer fruits like peaches and blueberries. Cut them up, bag them, and freeze them. You'll enjoy them in things like pies and cobblers on cold winter days.