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Events For Which A Beverage Trough Can Be A Perfect Addition

by Marvin Martin

While your average catering company can provide table linens, silverware, and a variety of other upscale things for your next gather, there are lots of caterers that can offer products that are more rustic in nature, too. One example is a drink trough — typically, a large tub made of metal that is packed with ice and stuffed with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Obviously, if you're having a wedding with formal decorations, a drink trough won't be a suitable thing to arrange. However, there are plenty of events for which a drink trough can be a perfect addition. Here are some examples.

Tailgating-Style Party

Football tailgating can be a lot of fun, but if you don't live in close proximity to a stadium, it can be just as fun to arrange your own tailgating party in your yard and show the football game on a large screen. A catering service can help to make your tailgating party a reality so that you can enjoy the time with family and friends instead of fussing about refreshments. This is the perfect type of gathering for a drink trough, which the caterer can fill with the beverages of your choice to keep your group adequately hydrated.

Outdoor Wedding

Depending on how you choose to decorate, certain outdoor weddings can be suitable for one or more beverage troughs. This addition can be an odd match if you're choosing formal decorations, but if you opt for a more rustic look — perhaps holding the wedding in a barn venue — the addition of a beverage trough can be perfect. If you're planning to have a lot of children at your wedding, a fun idea is to have one trough for adults and another for kids. The latter trough can be stocked with juice, soft drinks, and flavored water.

Car Show

If you're organizing a community car show and have decided to have the event catered, you'll typically be looking for casual fare that people can grab and consume while they're walking around the parked cars. Hot dogs and hamburgers might be a good option, as well as a variety of cold drinks. This is another suitable event for which to consider a drink trough, as it won't look out of place in such an environment. When you're speaking to a catering company, inquire about what types of beverage troughs it has available for your next upcoming event.

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