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How You Can Enjoy A Tasty Meal At A Southern Food Restaurant As A Vegetarian

by Marvin Martin

There's no need to turn down a lunch or dinner invitation just because the meal will be enjoyed at a southern food restaurants. Here are a few tips you can use to enjoy a tasty meal with friends or family at a southern food restaurant:

Look For a Modern Approach

Many southern food restaurants have adopted a modern approach to developing their menus and work hard to incorporate locally and seasonally sourced, fresh foods into their dishes as often as possible. So they tend to keep a wide variety of veggies and whole grains stocked in the kitchen. What this likely means for you is that there are many more plant-based options on the menu and the opportunity to take advantage of menu items that are created with the vegetarian in mind.

Don't Be Afraid to Replace

Many dishes on a southern food restaurant's menu are bound to come with meat of some kind, but that doesn't mean that you have to overlook them altogether. If a dish that comes with meat on the menu sounds good, simply order the dish with beans or tofu instead of the meat. If no beans or tofu are available, ask for extra grains or veggies that already come with the dish instead of the meat. You're sure to get filled up and feel satisfied without inconveniencing the cooks and wait staff too much.

Focus on the Side Dishes

You can also create your own custom southern meal by skipping the main dishes and ordering a variety of side dishes instead. If dairy isn't a problem for you, almost every side dish on the menu should be a suitable option. Just choose two or three different dishes that appeal to you and ask that they all be served together on one plate. If you don't eat dairy, ask your server to identify which side dishes can be adapted to meet your needs and choose from those option. Don't forget to order a couple of sauces to help make your veggie meal more exciting.

Negotiate Some Trade Deals

If all else fails, you can always negotiate a couple of trade deals with the people you happen to be dining with. You can order a meal that comes with meat and then trade your meat to other in exchange for the vegetarian side dishes that come with their meals. Maybe someone doesn't enjoy okra and tomatoes as much as you do.

They can give it to you and enjoy your barbecued chicken. Or someone might order a huge dish of macaroni and cheese and be willing to give you half of it in exchange for the meat that comes with your meal. They key is to negotiate before ordering to ensure that you don't get stuck with the meat in your meal because nobody wants to trade.