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Reasons To Serve Food On Skewers At Your Catered Gathering

by Marvin Martin

When you're coming up with the menu for a corporate catered gathering, the manner in which you serve the food can be almost as important as the type of food that you're making available. There are many different options to consider when it comes to deciding how your catering service will offer the fare to your attendees, but don't overlook the value of using skewers. Wooden skewers are useful because they can hold a seemingly endless number of types of food, offering a fun and creative way for your attendees to eat. Here are some reasons to serve food on skewers at your upcoming catered gathering.

They Make The Food Portable

Perhaps the biggest perk of serving food on skewers is that it becomes portable. This can be ideal for people who want to snack on something while moving. Not everyone wants to grab a plate of food and sit down. Depending on the layout of your event, it may be more exciting to hold some food in one hand and a drink in the other while moving around the room. Whether you're serving shrimp on skewers, pieces of fruit on skewers, or bite-sizes pieces of pork or chicken and some complementary veggies on skewers, your attendees can comfortably eat while standing or moving.

They Can Prevent Spills

Making several foods available on skewers can make it easy for people to eat without making a mess. While it's true that a novice may have a little trouble with a skewer, the reality is that most people have eaten food in this manner — and will find it to be easy. People are always leery about making a mess at fancy catered events — especially if they end up spilling on themselves. Someone who is comfortable with eating food off a skewer will know that he or she can lean forward while eating, which will prevent any morsels of food from falling on his or her clothing.

They Can Be Photo Worthy

There's little debate that food on skewers can be fun — both for your younger event attendees and those who are young at heart. One thing that people often enjoy doing today is photographing their food, and you can count on people wanting to photograph the eye-catching food skewers that your catering service makes available. If you're hoping to create a buzz for your event — perhaps with the hope of higher attendance at the next gathering — people excitedly sharing their food photos can help.

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