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Order Custom Logo Cookies For These Occasions

by Marvin Martin

If you're planning an upcoming event, the refreshments that you'll serve the people in attendance will be something to consider. While some events have full meals, others offer lighter fare. If the latter scenario is a better fit for your gathering, cookies can be an option. Instead of buying boxed cookies from the supermarket, consider finding a local bakery that can produce special cookies for your event. Many bakeries offer custom logo cookies, which are shaped and decorated in a manner that suits you. Here are some occasions for which custom logo cookies can be a good choice.

Sports Banquets

A youth sports banquet is an opportunity to hand out trophies and awards to players and coaches and celebrate the season that has just concluded. It's common for these types of gatherings to have refreshments, and cookies can be a choice that is popular among children and adults alike. Talk to your local bakery about what logo cookies would work well. If the banquet that you're organizing is for a football team, football-shaped cookies will be a good choice. Instead of the bakery topping them with brown icing and white stripes and laces, it may also be able to put your team's logo on each one to give these snacks a custom look.

Business Events

Custom logo cookies can also be a good choice for all sorts of business events. If you're opening a business, it's common to have a grand opening event that members of the public can attend. Cookies are a fixture at these sorts of events, and cookies that feature your organization's logo can be a nice touch. Whether you're opening a hotel, a car dealership, a daycare, or some other type of business, your guests will undoubtedly be excited to attend the event and see that you have platters of cookies that feature your organization's logo.


Wedding cake is the dessert of choice at most weddings, but it's common for these gatherings to have other sweets that guests can enjoy snacking on. Today, many couples come up with custom logos for their weddings. These logos may appear on their invitations and on signage around the venue to give it a personal touch. You can take this idea a step further by having a local bakery decorate cookies with this logo. Your guests will enjoy these sweet treats, and your wedding photographer will likely snap some images of these cookies to add to your wedding photo album.